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Debbie D’Aquino is on a mission to make JOY abundant everywhere and available to everyone!

Imagine a society where Joy is at the forefront of every business, where Joy and calm thinking are the foundation of your empire.

Joy is the ultimate freedom!  Freedom is the ultimate joy!

... And Debbie is the right person to carry this message forward... because she has learned it the hard way.

Years ago as a business owner of a six-figure company, she had lost all joy in running her business. She believed it required hard work, struggle, and sacrifice to create financial success and in that pursuit she lost her freedom, her joy, and found chronic pain day in and day out.

One dark night through a divine process she was healed of multiple illnesses and discovered a new world of deep connection to create reality.

That was the start of her 10 year journey to understand this process well-enough to teach others these life-changing skills.

Now she is changing lives of hundreds of people around the world with an affinity for entrepreneurs and business owners like herself.

As a Transformation Business Coach and Happiness injector, Debbie helps ambitious entrepreneurs live amazing, profitable, and liberating lives! Her signature process takes you on a journey of deep connection to yourself and to your client/customer reprogramming your energetic vibration to attract peace and joy consistently, including financial increases with epic results!

Debbie was born in Pennsylvania. At age two, she was placed in dancing school where she learned freedom through movement. Within a family of seven children she saw herself as the quiet one and used dance as her connection to self-expression. At age twelve, her family moved to Hagerstown, Maryland, where she attended high school and community college. Shortly after earning her Associate’s Degree in Business Administration, she left the east coast to travel the country.

Debbie settled in Laguna Beach, California. She followed her inner bliss through yoga and meditation and earned a Teaching Certification in Hatha Yoga and Meditation, a Certification in Touch for Health, and studied courses in therapeutic massage.

At the same time Debbie worked as a design and textile artist in Laguna Beach from 1974-1983 and gained recognition as a talented fashion designer. An intense desire to design professionally led her to study at FIDM Los Angeles where she earned her Design Certification in Fashion in 1984. She then launched what became a successful 20+year career designing sexy lingerie for corporate America, followed by an activewear collection under her own label, D’Aquino Intimo.

In her personal life, Debbie had a passion for dance as though it were in her blood. She entered competitions with a light heart and won numerous First Place awards in West Coast Swing and NY Hustle. With a strong mind for business, Debbie extended her passion for dance into a part-time business instructing adult ballroom dancing, her specialty in West Coast Swing.

Debbie received a deep calling to write her transformational experiences and processes into a book titled,  Calm is the New Happy, How to get there in 5 minutes!  From her writings, friends were lining up asking her to coach them to bring more Joy into their lives. Working one-on-one was very familiar as she had done it for years as a dance teacher and coach. Now she was elated to witness the profound life and business changes her new clients were experiencing.

Debbie felt called to help people even more deeply. She invested her time and money into a mentorship program and earned a Coaching Certification in transformation coaching with a fondness towards business.

Debbie is enjoying the newest chapter of her life helping entrepreneurs master their business dreams and grow their wealth. She finds great joy partnering with business owners and experts to create profitable businesses that are perfectly aligned with their deepest intentions.

Debbie stays involved in her local community as a dance instructor and a meditation leader. She lives in San Pedro, a charming town along the Pacific Ocean near Los Angeles, California.

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