Calm is the New Happy ~ How to get there in 5 minutes

Calm is the Happy Year, How to get there in Five Minutes


This book will open your eyes, ears, and mind…. It will stir an excitement for creating the life you want. You will experience peace of mind, gain clarity and confidence, and be able to make decisions quickly. Answers you’ve been searching for will pop out of no where. A new trust in yourself will grow while fear shrinks away. You will turn stress and worry into calm, peaceful happiness within minutes. This is a must read for anyone who is ready to embrace their true purpose in life and live life truly happy.

Hi!  I’m Debbie D’Aquino,
author of Calm is the New Happy, How to get there in 5 Minutes!

Let me ask you:

  • Do you ever feel a pit in your stomach? Maybe you’re tossing over a big decision.
  • Do you ever feel tightness in your neck and shoulders from worry? Like maybe you can’t pay the bills this month.
  • Do you ever feel overwhelmed because there’s just too much to do and too little time to do it in?
  • You know you’re working hard. You’re doing everything you can to stay on top of it, and yet it feels like you’re drowning in life!

All of that was me just a few years ago. I had a terrific job in the fashion industry designing sexy lingerie. I was 12 years into my 20+year career. I was tasting success and I absolutely loved my work. And yet I had become a physical and emotional mess!!

My young body was breaking down. My muscles ached everyday. I carried neck pain so intense that I would have migraine headaches every month; you know the ocular kind that lead to bouts of vomiting. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, sciatica, herniated discs and carpel tunnel. My health was a mess.  And although I carried happy smiles and greetings on the outside, deep inside there was very little happiness. I was depressed and I just wanted my life to STOP!

What I didn’t know then was how to handle stress. Do you know stress weakens the immune system? That’s our natural defense against illness and disease. And that’s what happened to me; my natural defense to stave off pain was broken.

I had had enough. I decided to heal my broken body. My search began…..

It has taken many years of inner work, of studying thought processes and their affects on the body. As I found methods that worked for me, I would share and teach them to others.

I have condensed more than ten years of study and training into a book, a very easy read. It is called, Calm is the New Happy, How to get there in 5 Minutes.

This book takes you on a journey into freedom. It will transform your thinking. You will experience peace of mind. And you will gain confidence and clarity. Once you master these three elevations, you will then recognize and embrace your true purpose in life. I also give you simple strategies in the book that are easy to master.

CALM IS THE NEW HAPPY, How to get there in 5 minutes is available on by ebook and printed copy. Or simply click the Yellow Button. CALM IS THE NEW HAPPY, How to get there in 5 minutes.

I’d like YOU to check it out.

Calm is the New Happy - How to get there in 5 minutes

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I wish you Health, Wealth, & Joy  ….. from me to you.


How to get there in 5 Minutes

Introduction and Chapters

My Decision
Body Language Takes a New Meaning
Pain Fights to Stay Alive
No Secure Answer
Decisions Shrink Fear
We Are Energy
We Vibrate Into Existence
Barriers and Shifts
Thoughts Create Our Energetic Frequency
Meditation Changes the Brain
Respond or React? That is the Question
Misery Loves Company
Mind Secrets
We See It As We Think It
Practice Makes Close to Perfect
Changing Your Internal Environment Changes Your External Environment
Awareness of Being
Awareness of Thinking
Awareness of Physical Body
Awareness of Unlimited Love
Awareness of Forgiveness
Five Minutes to Calm and Happy
Power Tools
No Silver Bullet

2 thoughts on “Calm is the New Happy ~ How to get there in 5 minutes

  1. Yvonne Lindberg

    loved the book. As a starter, made me take out my meditation CD’s to relax. Especially as I’m ready to retire in the evening. Also, made more aware of erasing negative thoughts entering my head at times and I’m also trying to remember to smile more often. Thank you! Have not practiced the 5 min. exercises yet other than the 1st min. (Awareness of Being). Hopefully I’ll get there.
    Thanks again!

  2. Dona lee

    I appreciate your message . Love the New normal, a steadying calm – I do understand and got the help I needed two years ago, to do many of the same things you have discovered. Thanks for the reminder

    DONA IN Canada… ??


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